America the Beautiful


Zombies are Coming


Kelo: 5 Years Later (YouTube)


Main Titles from Leroy Frokowski


Time-Wasting Montage Music


CitizenA Scores

These are some of the many tracks I have written for my own projects as a multimedia producer.

Knowledge Deficit

True Choice

Holiday Ad


Natural Rights

Police Violence


EconFree Music

The music of Economic Freedom video productions.

America the Beautiful


Cronyism in America

The 535


Zombies are Coming

Hammertime & Daily Caller Music

This is all the music I wrote for my Hammertime series with Mary Katharine Ham. This was one of the more fun and creative things I've gotten to do, since MKH was always challenging me to do interesting things. I'm also adding in some other music I wrote for Daily Caller projects.

How FourLoko Became Ethanol

The New MF Tone!

Japan Needs Your Help

Peep Didn't Start the Fire

Right Now

The More You Know

Debate Promo

The Real ATM

Mustache Talk (with John Bolton)

Idiom Quartet: Selections

For a few years I ran a jazz quartet in and around Lincoln, NE as a vibraphonist. Mostly we played martini bars and corporatey-type gigs, but we played a few nights a week for a while, and it was a ton of fun and a little bit of extra cash for me and the guys I played with. The following are some selected recordings from those years.

[To be filled in soon]



Vibraphone - Me.
Flute - Michael Reichman
Bass - Bill Catlett
Drums - Ben Shellhaus/Tony Hillhouse